Hope Clinic International

Jocelyn Schiller, MD

I felt so blessed to be part of HCI’s June trip as one of the pediatricians. It was amazing that mothers and children would leave their homes at 4 am and wait in line all day just to see us. Sometimes I would become so overwhelmed when I saw the long line of people waiting in the morning. Even though most of them had not eaten anything all day, the mothers and children were very patient.

During the trip, there were many moments that brought joy to my heart: mothers who were overjoyed when I prayed for them, a mother who reached out her hand to touch me as she thanked me, a mother with a baby with Down’s syndrome who was so poor in money, but so rich in love. There were also many moments that broke my heart: children with stomach aches from hunger, children who had been abandoned by their parents, mothers who seemed so worn down from poverty.

This was my first medical mission trip. For me, the trip was not only about helping God’s children with their medical needs, but it was also about allowing God’s Spirit in me to grow and to allow these children to touch my heart. Now that I am back, it is surprising to me how quickly I have jumped back into my usual busy consumer life. I pray that with time, the lesson God had, and continues to have, for me will sink in and stick.