Hope Clinic International

Hope Clinic

Our Approach

Hope Clinic International has two goals

  • To care for desperately needy women and children in Nicaragua.
  • To equip local communities in two northern Nicaraguan regions with the medical knowledge and resources they need to do the work in our absence.

We pursue these goals through the generosity of doctors, nurses, people who serve as interpreters, and other volunteers who help us raise funds and serve on our board.

Support and Training

  • Provide support and training for local physicians and surgeons allowing them to care for the poor.
  • Support local physicians and surgeons by linking them to their U.S. counterparts for consultation and training purposes.
  • Eliminate the economic, educational, and infrastructure barriers preventing the care of the poor by local physicians and surgeons.

Build Clinics

  • Establish permanent clinics in under-served areas for prevention and treatment of childhood illnesses.
  • Maintain a database of children with surgical or specialized needs for evaluation by our short-term mission teams.

When necessary, we can occasionally bring children to the U.S. for critical surgical procedures that they cannot obtain in Nicaragua. Often, care that is routine here in the U.S. is not available there. Children die needlessly of conditions that are successfully treated or cured in the U.S.