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Pediatric Surgical Care

In Nicaragua, Hope Clinic International has experienced first-hand the untold suffering of children who received inadequate surgical care and the frustration of local surgeons without the ability to help; either because of a lack of essential equipment, drugs, and other supplies or because of the lack of training. On our first mission trip in 2000, HCI became aware of the urgent need for help in caring for children with surgically correctable acquired or congenital defects. Without surgical repair of this defect children are doomed to lifelong ostracism and social isolation.

Although the numbers served are lower and expenses are higher, performing surgery has often been our most critical and life changing work. In 2008 HCI’s volunteer pediatric surgeon, Dr. Joseph Lelli, began working with pediatric general surgeon Dr. Alfredo Valle at the only children’s hospital in Nicaragua, training him and his surgery residents on laparoscopic techniques and the repair of complex congenital and acquired defects. Our nurses have assisted the Nicaraguan staff in the postoperative care of these children and provided much needed pediatric supplies.