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Mission Trips

The purpose of our international mission trip program is to provide donated medical and surgical help to women and children where medical and/or financial resources and skills are not available. Our mission is built on Judeo-Christian principles that value the dignity of the human person and give preference to the poor and those without hope.

Imagine if you were in this situation: your child desperately needs lifesaving surgery or medical treatment, but there are no adequate clinics or hospitals in your remote region of northern Nicaragua. The one children’s hospital in the country is in the capital city, Managua, which is hours away by bus, if you can afford the cost of transportation. Even if you could get there, and get admitted, the understaffed facility may not be able to save your child because it may not have the equipment or specialists needed. This is the type of hopelessness facing the families we serve.

By bringing medical professionals to these regions, training and working with local doctors and clinics, we bring hope to the poor.

  • Hope Clinic International sends medical and surgical teams two times a year for two week trips to Nicaragua, usually in February and June.
  • Volunteers may elect to come for one or two weeks.

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