Hope Clinic International

Since Covid 19 unexpectedly struck globally over one and a half years ago, none of us has remained unaffected.  For communities that have been struggling with poverty, poor living conditions and difficult access to proper medical care, the pandemic has brought on particularly harder repercussions.  Thanks to your generous support, Hope Clinic International has been able to meet the increased demand for services at Tim’s Clinic and also has been able to expand services to those in need in Estelí, Nicaragua, and surrounding communities.

Deyra, our Director for Tim’s Clinic tells us how their work has not stopped during the pandemic:

We have not closed our doors, we continue to serve our community with courage because we know our patients need us.  The staff has taken turns when there has been the need to quarantine and we have made sure that all the necessary precautions are taken to protect our staff and our beloved patients.  We continue to pray with our patients and encourage them to persevere during this time.

The increase in unemployment in these financially struggling communities has also driven up the need for these services. 

Help us raise $30K in 30 days!

This year, due to the challenges that Covid-19 still presents to some in our community, we are hoping to raise $30k in 30 days by finding 1000 donations of at least $30.  Beginning on October 1st, we are asking you to please help us reach our goal by praying for our mission, donating or sharing with others the work we do!

Tim’s Clinic Updates

  • More than 8,000 medical consultations have been provided and 10,000 prescriptions have been fulfilled by Tim’s Clinic since September of 2020.
  • To meet patient demand, Tim’s Clinic has added another medical provider to come three times a week to care for the patients.
  • In June 2021,Tim’s Clinic in Estelí expanded services to Saturdays in response to the growth in demand and to give parents more opportunities to bring the children.
  • Tim’s Clinic Laboratory continues to reinvest the earnings generated by serving the general public.  The lab has purchased new equipment and a computer to improve services provided.  Lab work for our patients continues to be free of cost.
  • Our emergency food pantry continues to provide formula, milk and cereal for families that are in need.

Medical Mission Brigades

Hope Clinic International has also made the necessary changes to continue medical mission brigades during this time. Although it has been difficult for doctors from outside Nicaragua to come and bring medical care to rural communities, the staff from Tim’s Clinic has taken the initiative to visit those communities that otherwise would not receive the services we provide. Almost 150 children and dozens of pregnant mothers have been seen by our staff traveling to those rural communities in two brigades in July and August!

Currently, Hope Clinic International is organizing a group of local pediatricians from Bogotá, Colombia to travel to the Wayuu community where our team was able to visit last year. We are committed to serve and make all the necessary changes to continue the mission that the Lord has entrusted to us.

Thank you once again for partnering with us and trusting us to make a difference and restore hope by promoting health to the lives of children and young mothers that are facing incredible challenges at this time. We are grateful for all of you! Please keep us in your prayers!